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Back Again and Tales of (Not) Running

bipolar tshirt

After reading THIS sentence somewhere on the interwebs, I decided it was time for me to grow out of the rebellious uppercase avoidance phase (see all blog entries prior to this one). This was the pearl:

“please help your uncle jack off the horse!”

And that is some sort of ambiguity that I wish to avoid.

It’s been a long while since I last wrote anything here. I have, at one point, actually thought of abandoning this blog altogether.

Sparse running notwithstanding, I feel I can still use this space. And I figure the “madness” in my blog title can refer both to the madness of running long distance and the madness of bipolar disorder, so we’re all good. The latter always seems to persist, anyway.

I hate having bipolar, it's awesome t_shirtI have 5 marathons and 1 ultra to report on (and 1 marathon no-show). I will write about these hopefully in the near future. (Of course, if you know me, you also know that the phrase “near future” can pretty much mean anything to me).

I recently got THIS shirt, which causes all sorts of reactions when I wear it. I put it here because I think each entry should have a picture. And I have no running pictures to post. (Other than the marathon photos that I’m saving for future entries).

Picture has been cropped because the family member by my side may prefer not to be associated with me. And because she has creepy Joker make-up on and may not want to reveal her identity. And because I did not ask for permission. Or whatever. I won’t chance it.


garmin forerunner booboo…

cleaning corroded pins with pencil eraser

garmin forerunnersit wasn’t too long after buying my garmin forerunner 201 back in 2005 that the charging pins started to become corroded from sweat. the pins are located under the watch and remain in contact with the skin, getting soaked with sweat during every run.

corroded garmin forerunner pins

i sweat a lot (as in look-like-i-jumped-in-a-pool kind of sweat) and have had things stop working on me before because of that. see what happened to a sweaty waist pack and to a sweaty mp3 player.

in 2008 i decided to buy another forerunner, the 305 this time because i wanted a heart-rate monitor as well. i seriously though garmin would have fixed that and put the charging pins on the side of the watch, but to my surprise when i got my new 305 i saw that they were on the bottom, touching the skin, just like the older model. sure enough, after as little as one year the pins on the 305 started to become corroded as well.

cleaning corroded pins with pencil erasersearching the internet i found others who were also having trouble charging their forerunners due to corroded pins. someone suggested cleaning the pins with a pencil eraser, and that seemed to help.

garmin forerunner pins covered with bandaidin order to prevent further corrosion i’m going to wear a a wrist band under the watch. (i tried covering the pins with band-aid, but it didn’t survive even one run and in the end the pins were wet regardless.)

i wonder if this is still a problem with the latest models.


bipolar strikes again

bipolar tshirt bipolar strikes again thumbnail

so back in april i was feeling really good (maybe a bit TOO good) and made these ambitious plans to participate in the nanny goat 24-hour race as a walker. then much like what happened for the 9 trails 35 mile in november 2007, the high desert 50k in december 2007 and the avalon 50 mile in january 2008, depression hit and i lost my mojo… to get out of bed, let alone run an ultra.

there is always the possibility when i make plans to meet with a friend, take a solo trip, run a race, attend a conference or workshop, that when the date of the event approaches i will be depressed and unable to follow through with my plans. especially if said event has been planned in a period i am hypo-manic. it’s hard to predict how i’m going to be feeling a week from today, and months ahead even harder.

i’m beginning to feel the “tingle” to make plans again, and i’m feeling pretty stable at the moment, so i may pick a half-marathon or marathon to start dipping my toes in the world of racing again. i can sure count on my husband to keep me grounded to reality when i share any plans with him now.


alien on a mission

purple elephants

from an old journal — i have no idea what was going on that day…

i’m a human experiment. i want to see the purple winged elephants fly and dance because i am one of them. people think that i am a person, but i am an alien on a research mission on this pathetic planet called earth. my superiors will make the ultimate decision to annihilate this planet or just let it execute its own fate.


i must be crazy… i haven’t been running much and today i decided to sign up for the nanny goat 24 hour race. but i can explain: i am planning on walking it. plus, there is no pressure to “finish”, no cut-offs, just relaxed running (in my case walking) around a 1-mile loop with aid always readily available. my goal is to have a good time, and to catch the running bug from being around all the amazing runners.

i had a great time at the san francisco 1-day back in 2008 and i’m looking forward to my second 24 hour race with the nanny goat in may!