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am i the only one…

i would think not. jeff mentioned the other day he’s a leaky runner. i don’t leak. i flood. i, too, can wring my socks. yes, i rotate my shoes. i drip. i carry a washcloth with me every time i run.

i call myself ‘ultrachick’, but am very proud of the fact i don’t behave like a chick. so it doesn’t bother me at all to talk about my sweat. i haven’t owned lipstick since i was 14. i don’t own make-up. most make-up contraptions, i don’t know what they’re called. i don’t own high-heel shoes. in fact, i only have 5 pairs of shoes, thank you very much. (plus 5 running shoes). i hate shopping. i buy what i need and get out of the store. i’ve hung out with guys my whole life.

anyway, i have this incredible ability to digress…! 🙂 the rant of the day is about hydration systems. i recently left a comment on matt’s blog about my “weapons of choice”. one of the questions was about hydration systems. i like ultimate, but they are not immune to my flooding. not only do i sweat profusely, i’m very salty. i look like i just got out of the great salt lake after running. my legs and my face are streaked, so are my arms. my hair is soaked. and if i don’t carry the afore mentioned towel, my eyes sting so bad it isn’t even funny. so back to hydration systems. i love the ones that have a roomy fanny pack in combination with the water bottle(s). i tend to haul some luggage with me on my runs. but… the combination salty sweat + zippered packs results in forever-stuck-zipper-syndrome. i try wd-40. graphite. i have all my friends try it. i have the friend who weighs 145 lbs and benches 300 try it. defeated. by a zipper. i hate it that after 6-9 months of use the thing is useless. (i don’t wanna carry an empty bag!)

hopefully there are more salty flooders out there with the same predicament. and hopefully there’s someone out there that has found a solution! let me know.

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  • angie's pink fuzzy July 23, 2006, 11:07 pm

    wash it?

    i haven’t worn make up since high school and i don’t wear high heels either (although i do like to shop. for anything. even groceries.).

  • runr53 August 5, 2006, 7:19 pm

    for the salty sweat, more water! As for the stuck zipper, try rubbing a candle on the teeth and working it back and forth, works good, lasts long! Run Good!

  • ~gnatty~ August 10, 2006, 3:45 pm

    i need to try all of these suggestions. thanks!

    – wash it
    – more water
    – candle rubbing

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