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body math

angie found this website and i found it pretty cool. here are my results:

Dietitian Header

Your Data:

Measure: US
Age: 30 years
Gender: Female
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 115 pounds
Pregnant: No
Breast feeding: No
Activity level:
8 hours – Sleep
12 hours – Very Light / Sedentary
2 hours – Light
1 hours – Moderate
1 hours – Heavy
Body fat: Current 23 percent
Goal 19 percent
Calorie distribution: Fat 30 percent
Protein 10 percent
Carbohydrate 60 percent
Weight goal: Maintain weight
Elbow breadth: Less than 2 1/4 inches
Waist circumference: 26 inches
Hip circumference: 38 inches

Healthy Body Weight Range:
Healthy body weight range is: 104 to 127 pounds

You are within the healthy body weight range

This is a healthy weight for you based on your height, gender and pregnancy status.

The weight range does not consider your level of fitness. If you are an athlete, your weight goal based on your percent body fat would be a better indicator of what you should weigh.

Body Frame Size:
You have a small frame size for your height
Your skeletal frame size is most easily measured where there is little overlying skin and muscle, such as at your wrist or elbow. The elbow breadth could be more accurately measured by placing a calipher (a pliers-like instrument used to measure thickness), on the prominent bones on either side of your elbow.
  • Persons with a small frame should weigh closer to the lighter end of their healthy body weight range.
  • Persons with a medium frame should weigh toward the middle of their healthy body weight range.
  • Persons with a large frame should weigh closer to the heavier end of their healthy body weight range.

Body Mass Index:

Body Mass Index calculates how much body fat you have.

  • Lean BMI means you have a low amount of body fat. If you are an athlete, this can be desirable. If you are not an athlete, a lean BMI can indicate that your weight may be too low which may lower your immunity. If your BMI and body weight are low, you should consider gaining weight by eating more food and exercising to increase your amount of muscle.
  • Healthy BMI means you have a healthy amount of body fat for your age.
  • Overfat means your amount of body fat is too high which puts you at risk for heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease and some cancers. You should consider losing weight by eating less food and exercising to decrease your amount of body fat.
  • If you are a trained athlete, your weight based on your measured percent body fat would be a better indicator of what you should weigh. If you entered a current percent body fat that is lean, you will not get a BMI calculation.
Percent Body Fat:
Going from: 23% body fat to 19% body fat
Weight goal: 0 pounds
If you have a lower body fat and higher body weight, standard weight calculations won’t predict an appropriate weight goal. A more accurate weight goal can be calculated from your current body fat measurement.
Waist-To-Hip Ratio:
Ratio: 0.68
Pear shape: lower health risk

Apple or pear shape
This tells you where most of your body fat is located.
  • Apple shape (a ratio of .80 or greater) means your body fat is located above your waist which indicates a higher health risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some cancers.
  • Pear shape (a ratio of less than .80) means your body fat is located below your waist which indicates a lower health risk, but fat located in the lower half of the body may be harder to lose during weight loss.

Nutritional Facts:

Your Nutrition Facts:

Calorie Daily Value 2,540 Calories from Fat 760
Total Fat 85 g
Saturated Fat 28 g
Cholesterol 300 mg
Sodium 2,400 mg
Potassium 3,500 mg
Total Carbohydrate 381 g
Dietary Fiber 25 g
Sugars 63 g
Protein 63 g

Vitamin A 5,000 IU Vitamin C 60 mg
Calcium 1,000 mg Iron 18 mg
Vitamin D 400 IU Vitamin E 30 IU
Thiamin 1.5 mg Riboflavin 1.7 mg
Niacin 20 mg Vitamin B-6 2.0 mg
Folate 400 mcg Vitamin B-12 6 mcg
Biotin 300 mcg Pantothenic Acid 10 mg
Phosphorus 1,000 mg Iodine 150 mcg
Magnesium 400 mg Zinc 15 mg
Copper 2 mg
The calories, fat, saturated fat, carbohydrate and protein are customized to your calorie distribution and are adjusted according to your weight goal (gain or lose) as you indicated on page 2. Note, the lowest calorie recommendation is 1,200 calories per day.

Food labels contain the amount of calories and nutrients per serving of food. To achieve your weight goal, subtract the calories and grams of fat on the labels of food you eat from the calories and grams of fat in Your Nutrition Facts as a maximum recommended daily amount. For foods not labeled, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, the calories and grams of fat are low as long as you don’t add fat or deep fry these nutritious foods.

The remaining nutrients are the Daily Values on US food labels. With the exception of pregnant women who need 30 mg of iron per day. This level can best be reached with an iron supplement. Talk to your doctor about this.

Healthy Exercise Suggestions:

The Surgeon General has reported that moderate daily exercise could significantly reduce a number of diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Some activities that burn about 150 calories – the types of exercise defined as moderate – are noted below. Activities are ranked from ‘less vigorous/more time’ to ‘more vigorous/less time’.

  • Washing and waxing a car for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Washing windows or floors for 45 to 60 minutes
  • Playing volleyball for 45 minutes
  • Playing touch football for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Gardening for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Wheeling oneself in a wheelchair for 30 to 40 minutes
  • Walking 1.5 miles in 35 minutes
  • Basketball (shooting baskets) for 30 minutes
  • Bicycling 3 miles in 30 minutes
  • Fast social dancing for 30 minutes
  • Pushing a stroller 1.5 miles in 30 minutes
  • Raking leaves for 30 minutes
  • Walking 2 miles in 30 minutes
  • Water aerobics for 30 minutes
  • Swimming laps for 20 minutes
  • Wheelchair basketball for 20 minutes
  • Basketball (playing a game) for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Bicycling 4 miles in 15 minutes
  • Running 1.5 miles in 15 minutes
  • Shoveling snow for 15 minutes
  • Climbing stairs for 15 minutes

Copyright © 1996, Joanne Larsen, M.S., R.D., L.D.

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  • angie's pink fuzzy August 11, 2006, 3:40 am

    dude, how’d you get the pictures copied over?

    very cool stuff, huh!

  • jeff August 11, 2006, 2:03 pm

    that’s pretty cool.

    hey, how’s the leg? reason i’m asking is that darrell from chino and the california cruisers are meeting up at the corner of bay view and jamboree tomorrow morning at 6:30 to run a loop around back bay. that’s your back yard! you should come out and play!

  • olga August 11, 2006, 5:04 pm

    Man, you’re skinny! I don’t want to even try this website:)

  • Darrell August 12, 2006, 11:36 pm

    It was very cool to meet you this morning. Sorry I didn’t get to spend much time. I hope you enjoyed your run with us CA Cruisers. Annabelle is really sweet. John is sure crazy with that camera. Hopefully you can get some sleep today.

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