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just wanted to highlight a few latest events and blog updates:

  1. i met two bloggers last weekend, on a wonderful backbay run with the california cruisers: jeff, ‘the amazing hip’, and darrell, who’s on a quest for a marathon in each us state (with greater pursuits in the future, i’m sure). the california cruisers are an unofficial running club, and the members are all wonderful, happy people, very energetic and fun to be around. i intend to join them on more of their runs whenever i can. i had forgotten how great it is to run with people. and running while talking is a good exercise to keep your pace slow on longer runs, too. 🙂
  2. i added a few photos to my flickr account, which i just upgraded to pro, so i intend to be adding yet many more… as of now there are only a few pics of my european-egyptian tour in summer 2005, some buffalo and niagara falls pics, the recent camping trip pics, and some miscellaneous silly pics. (just being true to myself).
  3. i decided to run the namiwalk 5k to raise a few bucks for mental illness support (a cause dear to me since i am bipolar). check my walker page for details or to make a donation, or to sign up to run or walk yourself. nami stands for national alliance for the mentally ill, and they do wonderful work in helping people with mental illnesses and their families, as well as community education.

i’m taking off next saturday and spending 2 weeks in nyc with my family. i’ll have my computer, which means i’ll be able to keep updating my blog while away.

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  • Alice in Wonderbread August 16, 2006, 12:08 am


    I love the Egypt pic of you pointing out the ancient skinny pointy schlong on the wall.


  • stephruns August 18, 2006, 3:02 pm

    2 weeks in nyc? where are you staying?
    are you planning on running any races in the city?

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