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an exercise in mindfullness… part ii

so, continuing with my mindfullness frenzy, i decided to try out a yoga video i bought a couple years ago and never used. this is a very good workout! i was skeptical of this being just sitting and breathing, and it turned out it had me sweating, my legs wobbling, my heart rate up, and the great feeling that comes after exercising. but… i’m an agitated kind of person, always on the go, always doing, doing, doing, do this fast, gotta maximize my time, do 6 things at the same time for optimal usage of my time, sleep is superfluous… you get the picture. so holding each pose for almost one minute was kind of hard for me. it got better as the workout progressed, though. in the beginning i was thinking “shut up, lady, just move on with this!”, but in the second half i was actually enjoying holding each pose. plus that where the challenge was coming from, as getting to the pose isn’t a big deal, but staying there… well, did i mention wobbly legs? that’s when i could feel it was working. the whole workout is 45 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down. it ends with the corpse pose, that i must have held for 15 minutes or so… it is a basic workout, ideal for those new to yoga. if you’re a seasoned yogi you may find this too easy.

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  • olga September 15, 2006, 7:50 pm

    Had to laugh at “shut up, lady”. I keep thinking the same. Even as I used to teach yoga for a couple of years, I had it in the back of my mind:)
    Good luck with all.

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