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sport beans

i tried them on my run this afternoon. i had one packet of lemon-lime flavor at around mile 7 of the 14.2-mile run. i was surprised! they taste really good, much better than any of my favorite gels. ok, so they’re not as easy to eat as gels are, but the taste made them worth it for me. they were just as easy to carry, though. it must have taken me about 10 minutes to finish the little 100-calorie packet, during which i walked, as i didn’t want to spill the contents of the packet… i’m not complaining. it was a much needed walk break, and the only one i took. but if you’re not into taking walk breaks, this may be an awkward product for you. being the spaz that i am, i wouldn’t have been able to eat them beans without walking. 🙂 i drank lots of water with them, as i do with gels, too. i didn’t slow down on the second half of the run, and i finished with even splits. here are the nutrition facts for one packet, compared to other commonly used products:overall, i give them a 9 out of 10, due to the difficulty of eating them while running. when you tear the bag open and dig in for the beans, the bag continues to get torn, making it harder to keep the beans from falling out. i managed not to drop any, but then again, i walked. i got them at the top100supplements ebay store.

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  • Chris September 29, 2006, 6:17 pm

    Oh gawd, I love sport beans. I found them at a convenience store of all places. I have always said, energy drinks/bars don’t do any good if you can’t get them down.


  • stephruns October 5, 2006, 12:55 am

    They are the BEST! Just so hard to find!

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