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mental illness awareness week

did you know that an estimated 25 percent of adult americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder? did you know that mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the us and canada for ages 15-44? did you know that depression is a leading cause of teen suicide? did you know that suicide is the main cause of death among people with a mental illness?

“the most shocking thing about mental illness is how much it is misunderstood”.

the first week of october is “mental illness awareness week” (miaw), as established by congress in 1990. i urge you to take the time this week to learn a little about these elusive illnesses that touch the lives of so many, is understood by so few, and that help make this world a more colorful place.

the national alliance for the mentally ill (nami) is putting on “namiwalks” in various communities across the nation to raise money and awareness about our country’s need for a world-class treatment and recovery system for people with mental illness.

the simplest thing you can do to help is to visit nami’s website and learn something about mental illness today. if you feel more daring, you can wear a silver ribbon and help fight stigma.

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  • Chris October 9, 2006, 1:25 am

    Thanks for supporting NAMI. They are a great organization and support many of the folks that we support that are “dual diagnosed”.


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