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the balboa fun zone

it will no longer be my nephew’s favorite place on the peninsula. it was bought in december 2005 for $14 million, by the newport harbor nautical museum. kids’ favorites are the caroussel, which will be removed and relocated, and the ferris wheel, the only ride that will remain in the fun zone. but my nephew’s favorite? he calls it “dinosaur punch” (aka “primal rage“). an extremely violent dinosaur fighting game… the lease on many of the shops are now expiring, so i’m guessing construction will be starting soon. it will cost another $6 million and take about 5 years. i usually run through it on my short runs, when i want to have a taste of both the ocean and the bay. i take the bay down to balboa, through the fun zone, and run back on the bike path, by the ocean. i can make this run anywhere from 3.6 to 5.3 miles. i can add another 1.5 if i choose to hit the other end of the path, too, along the ocean. lately i have been enjoying sunset runs, but i keep forgetting to take the camera with me. it is beautiful. as i turn around and start heading back, if i time it right, i can look through the pier to the horizon, where sky and water meet, and see the sun going down. the run back home is into the wind, and in the gorgeous afterglow.

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  • jeffem October 22, 2006, 10:52 pm

    that sucks about the fun zone. I’ll miss it also.

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