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btt info 2002-2006

this is what happens when you suffer from chronic insomnia: after sorting through books and packing donation boxes, you decide to wash your car, clean your bathroom, lift stains from the carpet, arrange the hangers in your closet so that they’re all equidistant, organize the refrigerator… and when you run out of physically stimulating things to do, you move on to a series of mentally engaging projects. if you’re an obsessive compulsive runner, you keep methodical records of all your runs in that fancy logbook you bought at barnes & noble, filling page after page with an overkill of otherwise meaningless numbers. if you’re a hip, technologically inclined runner, you keep an online log at breakingthetape.com, and revel in the variety of data analysis options available. (if you’re a neurotic runner, you obviously keep both a written and an online version of the log). so playing around with my online log i gathered the following stats from years 2003-2006:

info value date
longest distance/month 176.65 m nov 2006
longest race week distance/week 56.6 m apr 16 2006
longest training week distance/week 54.9 m oct 9 2006
longest racing distance/month 35.5 m jun 2003
longest training distance/month 140.3 m may 2004
most running time/week 10.15 hrs oct 9 2006
most running time/month 32.2 hrs may 2004
slowest average race pace/month 17:54 min/m apr 2004
fastest average race pace/month 10:24 min/m mar 2003
slowest average training pace/month 13:28 min/m sep 2003
fastest average training pace/month 9:54 min/m dec 2006
lowest weight 104 lb oct & nov 2005
highest weight 125 lb apr & dec 2006

now, dear fellow neurotic runners, isn’t it utterly important to know i ate too much on easter and christmas 2006?

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  • Gretchen April 30, 2007, 2:09 am

    I have officially been labeled neurotic?? I don’t see anything wrong with keeping my running log both handwritten and online…..gotta have backup, afterall! 😉

  • Pete Vara August 8, 2007, 4:56 pm

    If you have some spare time can you include my stats as well? 🙂
    And if you get a chance on Sept 7th,
    we are planning a dusk till dawn run check out the calendar.

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