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the riddle

at first it was curiosity: “what is this?“, as i watched a little red square piece of paper make its way to the carpet from steve vai‘s sound theories cd‘s liner notes. then surprise, as i read: “valid for one (1) admission for any one (1) meet & greet on the upcoming 2007 steve vai sound theories tour“! (in print so small and blurry i’d make my optometrist proud). having just attended the orange county concert of the tour, it was easier to feel bummed, rather than lucky. my thoughts race. “maybe the tour isn’t over yet“. “… i could perhaps travel somewhere, and still use the pass“. “is the computer on?“, “why didn’t i find this 4 months ago when i bought the cd?“, “wow… i’ve never won anything!“, “how come i didn’t know about this?” i spend the next 30 minutes hunched over my laptop, my cell phone glued to my right ear.


fri, oct 5, 8:00 am: united airlines, orange county/nyc
sat, oct 6, 08:00 pm: steve vai, north fork theatre, westbury, ny, section G, row S, seats 1-3

i sit here with antagonizing thoughts and intense feelings that are hard to process. there are implications to my going on this last-minute trip. i’ll have to deal with them later. there are also plusses, such as the fact that i’ll get to see my parents, my sister and my nephew.

sometimes i feel like all i want is to do is “sail in the wind’s eye“, as fiery lord byron wrote.

ah, life. in all its grandeur.

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  • matt October 12, 2007, 5:37 pm

    what did you decide to do? 🙂 i can’t wait to read…

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