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prowash activewear detergent

i will beat procrastination tomorrowa few years ago i was in group therapy and on one session we were asked to create a motivational card for ourselves. i created a card that said “i will beat procrastination” and pasted it on my fridge. (my husband’s wise friend greg, knowing me, took a pen and wrote “tomorrow” to complete my mantra and give the card “nattie character”). and so it is. i guess the only time in my life i did not procrastinate was to get out of the womb, as i was a premature baby. other than that i cannot remember not having to mull over getting things done. ugh.

back in december ryan wines from prowash sent me a container of prowash activewear detergent in the mail for me to try out and review. i had fallen off the running wagon after my tonsillectomy, then i had the mother of all ingrown toenails, then i traveled to ny, then christmas rolled in, then next thing i know it is 2009 and there goes another task whose deadline was now last year. (my friend darrell from kansas knows that well, given it once took me a year to reply to one of his emails). anyhow, i was up to renting 5 storage spaces to keep all my dirty laundry, so back in march i washed everything and was welcomed back into polite society with my clean and fresh smelling clothes.

the folks at prowash sent me a nice and soft gym towel along with the detergent and i appreciated that! thanks! my first reaction upon opening the package was that the pouch was kind of small. (it turns out those folks at prowash are not only extremely cool, they are also enviromentally conscious, as the stand up pouch has 9x less impact on our earth than hard plastic bottles). so back to the pouch, prowash is highly concentrated, so 2 fl oz will take care of an entire load of sweaty, grimy, stinky, running clothes. (if you have one of those high efficiency washers you can use 1 fl oz only). and yes, the activewear factor in the detergent does make it so that it cleans (and gets rid of the smell!) better than regular detergents. one word of caution: dispense carefully, as the liquid is not as viscous as other detergents, and you don’t want to use more than necessary and waste product. all you need is the 2 fl oz measure for a nasty smelling medium load.

i can only give prowash a 10 out of 10. i sweat A LOT, so i was no gentle test on the detergent, either. i thank you ryan one more time for sending me this great product. you can count on me to become a lifetime customer! wanna try it yourself? you can buy prowash activewear detergent HERE.

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  • home exchange July 8, 2009, 12:57 pm

    Procrastination is… making a cup of tea. Rearranging the furniture. Looking out the window. Heh heh I saw a short film about procrastination once. It is a great great word. For. A really overpowering inclination. Great post!

  • Tief July 9, 2009, 6:01 pm

    I’m an English teacher in 6th grade and Procrastination is one of the words of the day early in the school year. We try to get them to do their work earlier. I might steal that idea and put it in my classroom (except for the tomorrow part)

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