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let me guess… runners across the country are currently training for marathons such as chicago, nike women’s, new york… and hundreds others. it may also be that these runners have already selected their race-day gear (shoes, shorts, tops, watches, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) but i’m willing to bet my vip hell entry-pass (hand basket not included) that most have overlooked one key component to finish a race with happy feet, along with a smile on their faces (as opposed to that ever ubiquitous blister cringe). in fact a pair of low quality socks can make even the most fancy-schmancy pair of shoes feel terrible. i bet that is not what you had in mind when forking out $100+ for it!

it’s been a while now since i’ve first discovered the many benefits of socks made specifically with runners in mind (they are designed to protect your feet during a run and can assist with the prevention of injury, blisters, calluses and even odor!) but i still enjoy trying out new brands and concepts, from the ones that have a different sock for your left and right foot, to thick ones with extra padding, to double-layer, to toe-socks, to ultra-slim wicking, and what not.

kn karen neuburger, a lifestyle company dedicated to bringing comfort into people’s lives through their products, is thrilled to introduce a new sport sock that keep runners safe and cool while they run. their sport socks incorporate special moisture control yarn that wick away moisture and allows your feet to breathe. as if this weren’t enough, the folks at kn karen neuburger were awesomely cool enough to send me a trial pair of their kn cool socks.

after several runs wearing these socks (in different shoes as well) and wearing them again after machine washing a few times, here are my personal impressions on the kn cool socks (most impressive first; again from my own point-of-view and sock needs):

  • i checked the contents of the package and read on the insert that these socks sell for $10 for a set of two pairs! now, for the benefits listed below, these would be a great value for the money even at twice the price. (i’ve paid $13+ for one pair of socks in the past).
  • after getting over the “reverse-sticker-shock” i unwrapped the socks and was a in for a nice surprise. these socks feature arch support by offering a slightly compression around the arch of your foot. another winner for me.
  • the sock is overall soft and stretchy, great for the “no-show” style, and the cuff holds it well in place.
  • it is made of wicking material, which takes care of the moisture and heat* elements of the blister triad (moisture, heat, friction). happy feet!
  • the seams on top of the toes are very smooth (i turned it inside out and tried to feel them, they don’t protrude are are very soft) so that takes care of the friction element of the blister triad, too. no other seams along the body of the sock, except around the cuff where the softness magic was applied once again.
  • the sock was just the right size; it’s snug, stays in place, and no bunching or wrinkling resulted (even with my being known to lacing my shoes (way) too loose…)
  • washing them did not make them stiff or uncomfortable. (i do use softener and drier sheets, though)

* shoes with mesh on its sides or upper can help keep your feel cool as well, aiding the sock in its wicking and cooling properties.

ps: of course this review highlights what i see as benefits of running socks. there were no downsides in my opinion, but as usual, your mileage may very.

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