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reactions to some of today’s headlines

wtfheadline: “public option may be dropped from final health care bill”
i say: — “health insurance companies rejoice: more people allowed to buy into a severely broken system”

headline: “china ignores appeals, executes briton”

i say: — “stop doing business with china already”

headline: “rep. mark kirk’s sexual orientation questioned in gop opponent’s ad”
i say: — “why should it matter?”

headline: “e. coli O157:H7 outbreak results in beef recall for 248,000 pounds of meat”
i say: — “and the packages had the usda seal of inspection on them”

headline: “exposure to tobacco smoke leads to emphysema”
i say: — “and the news is?”

headline: “pot-stuffed teddy bear found at california toy store”
i say: — “just legalize the stuff already”

go ahead, hate me. homicide grants more compassion than suicide.

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