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i’m still around…

hard to believe that moi, once running coach and ultrarunner extraordinaire, would be doing cartwheels at the thought of hitting 400 miles for the YEAR. the typical excuse, “life got in the way”, but the truth is: running has not been a priority for the past year and a half. and that is so because i made it so. plain and simple. i miss the feeling of running long distance, and i will make 2011 the year i get back into it. so many races i’ve yet to run, some races that demand a do-over (mainly the orange curtain 100k and the san francisco 1-day) and a few pounds to be lost that found their way onto my hips.

right now i’m on a simple schedule of short runs with my friend pam, who is training for her first 10k. just like my coaching days, except it feels like i’m the student.
i’m still living by the beach. still crazy, bipolar, addicted to diet coke. neighbors are still drunk and noisy, my niece and my nephew are still the awesomest in the world.
now to hit the trails and pavement (i still do both) and burn some EVA and polyurethane.
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  • Darrell December 8, 2010, 2:43 am

    I hadn’t seen you wit the running group at the HB pier in quite a while. Now, I know why.

    Take care.

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