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garmin forerunner booboo…

it wasn’t too long after buying my garmin forerunner 201 back in 2005 that the charging pins started to become corroded from sweat. the pins are located under the watch and remain in contact with the skin, getting soaked with sweat during every run. i sweat a lot (as in look-like-i-jumped-in-a-pool kind of sweat) and […] Read More


moving comfort – alexis printed bra

alien with no nipples

i never paid much attention to what kind of bra i would buy for running. i’d pretty much just go to target and grab whatever “generic”, cheap, “sports bras” they had in size small and not give it much thought. my main peeve about these bras, though, is how the shirt (even the coolmax ones) […] Read More


kn cool socks

dangling toenail

let me guess… runners across the country are currently training for marathons such as chicago, nike women’s, new york… and hundreds others. it may also be that these runners have already selected their race-day gear (shoes, shorts, tops, watches, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) but i’m willing to bet my vip hell entry-pass (hand basket not […] Read More

heatmap picture of dead mp3 player

only six months after i got my sansa m250 it died on me. #%&*$@!? i was in love with it already! it was tiny (this is pre-shuffle), easy to operate and the 2gb were plenty for me. sad loss, but no surprise. i sweat like a pig. when i wrote runner’s voodoo i was happy […] Read More


product review: snot spot

so this pamphlet for a quite unusual product was in my goodie bag last month at the high desert 50k. as i went through the contents of the bag in my hotel room, like a kid opening christmas presents, the yellow piece of paper gave me a good laugh. how do people come up with […] Read More


new trail shoes

hmmm….. they smell better than a brand new car. (obviously i haven’t worn them on a run yet). my new adidas tundra arrived yesterday, and i’m going to start breaking them in. meeting a few friends this evening to run the duck pond. but i can’t wait till the evening, so i’ll go on a […] Read More


runner’s voodoo

thanks to russ, aka runr53 i was able to ressuscitate my old ultimate direction! (see ‘am i the only one?’).materials:1 salty-sweaty runner1 hydration pack with stuck zipper due to salty sweat1 candle, red is best1 snake (optional)procedure:first dance around your hydration pack (optionally naked) while repeating unintelligible words for spur-of-the-moment-made-up voodoo song (whatever that sounds […] Read More