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NAMIwalks for the mind of america

last time i checked, nami orange county had raised $95,286.00! thanks to everyone who donated. more than 60 communities across the nation held namiwalks; i’m trying to find out the total in donations. i had a blast! the walk started at 9am, and we needed to check in at 8am; so i left home at […] Read more

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mental illness awareness week

did you know that an estimated 25 percent of adult americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder? did you know that mental disorders are the leading cause of disability in the us and canada for ages 15-44? did you know that depression is a leading cause of teen suicide? did you know that suicide is […] Read more

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sunday haiku

quero desligaro liquidificadoracabou a luz—i want to turn offthis blender, oh, it’s insaneand the lights are off […] Read more


curtains drawn

the air smells bitter;the sounds coming through the window, distant.morning comes.dewey. gray. empty.the ceiling fan reminds me of the world outside.the light is outside.inside… hollow.~nattie~july 2006 […] Read more


borrowed words…

“i doubt sometimes whether a quiet and unagitated life would have suited me –- yet i sometimes long for it” (lord byron)when my thoughts are racing faster than my fingers can type and my mouth can speak, sure enough, i can always count on byron. more on him (and his daughter ada) sometime soon […] Read more