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errands, nattie style

today i needed to go to the post office get some 2 cent stamps and to the drugstore pick up a prescription. it is a fact that i hate driving. if i can walk somewhere, i will. in addition to that, it is summer, and the small peninsula on which i live gets crowded beyond […] Read more


pre-race jitters

i guess it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done this (i’m not a seasoned ultra runner anyway); if you’ve just finished reading a book titled the complete neurotic: the anxious person’s guide to life, it is somewhat likely you’ll experience the jitters before a race. well, at least i do… (the book is a […] Read more


saturday morning at aliso/wood canyon

i finally got to meet jessica! we had been emailing back and forth talking about running together and we finally did so yesterday. she wrote a report on our 11.5’ish run, which you can read here. (do i need to say i’m too lazy to write my own?)i definitely need to do a greater percentage […] Read more


monday’s run

aaaaahhhhh……. 9 miles on the beautiful backbay after work. life is good! the trails were muddy, adding to the fun. tomorrow i will scout this so called “duck pond” trail, located supposedly a couple of minutes from work. (assuming i don’t get lost, of course) […] Read more


pole position

those who know me are well aware of my pitiful driving/orientation skills. here’s a flashback to earlier this year, in january… friday the 13th, january: 5:00 – natalia leaves work to catch a 7:00 boat to catalina island from downtown long beach, 25.1 miles away; 7:00 – the last boat to catalina leaves; 7:10 – […] Read more