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off to mt. disappointment 50k

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off to mt. disappointment 50k! woohoo!!! and… perfect weather! this will be my 17th race (marathon and longer) and my 12th ultra. pretty cool. SORRY FOLKS, if i’m a living application of the law of unintended consequences… […] Read more


errands, nattie style

today i needed to go to the post office get some 2 cent stamps and to the drugstore pick up a prescription. it is a fact that i hate driving. if i can walk somewhere, i will. in addition to that, it is summer, and the small peninsula on which i live gets crowded beyond […] Read more


btt info 2002-2006

this is what happens when you suffer from chronic insomnia: after sorting through books and packing donation boxes, you decide to wash your car, clean your bathroom, lift stains from the carpet, arrange the hangers in your closet so that they’re all equidistant, organize the refrigerator… and when you run out of physically stimulating things […] Read more


weekend runs

yesterday was 8.6 miles at el moro canyon with jessica. we met at 7:30 and started on time. another guy from the group (octrailrunners) also showed up. he’s new to the group and we were glad to have him there. i don’t know if we started too fast or what, or if i was just […] Read more


an exercise in mindfullness… part ii

so, continuing with my mindfullness frenzy, i decided to try out a yoga video i bought a couple years ago and never used. this is a very good workout! i was skeptical of this being just sitting and breathing, and it turned out it had me sweating, my legs wobbling, my heart rate up, and […] Read more

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like aunt like nephew

we spent part of the afternoon at eisenhower park, and i (of course) used the opportunity to go running. it was a short run, but the park was very pleasant. on my last lap ryan followed me on his bicycle, as we were on a quest for (yet another) ice cream truck. when i was […] Read more


as·so·ci·a·tion:n.a mental connection or relation between thoughts, feelings, ideas, or sensations.dis·so·ci·a·tion:n.the separation of whole segments of discrete mental processes from the mainstream of consciousness or of behavior with loss of integrated awareness and autonomous functioning of the separated segments or parts.my mood changes constantly (much to my husband’s peevishness). it is therefore natural that i […] Read more