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she’s a rainbow

“she’s like a rainbowcoming colors in the airoh, everywhereshe comes in colors“— rolling stones, she’s a rainbowso i got another nice adjective added to my never-ending list of personality “assets”: imprudent. (this picture also illustrates klutzy — clutter around the leg courtesy of my husband).the rainbow is a result of my pasty lab tan, sunburn […] Read more


isle of wight festival

saturday, august 29th, 1970. 600,000 people experienced the debut performance of a new “supergroup”: emerson, lake and palmer. it was a spectacular, daring stage show. this was roughly 5 years before i was born. last night, i too had the opportunity to experience that debut performance. a guy i met at a workshop we’re both […] Read more


thick as a brick

i L-O-V-E this album. if you don’t know it, make sure to click on the picture and read the first two or three reviews. i’m a huge fan of concept albums! totally unrelated: a couple of things i noted yesterday: 1) food that’s been sitting in the freezer for a while loses its appeal to […] Read more



stay tuned… […] Read more


steel rapture

it’s a subliminal state…the bitterness of my tearsand the sweetness of the guitar chordsinvoke pungent memories.memories of long awaited momentsi have never experienced,but that are yet to come.each note in its unique beauty and simplicitytouches me deeply,making me so clearly awareof these feelings.it’s piercing.HE tortures me with each stroke of HIS hands…hands carefully crafted by […] Read more