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mt.disappointment 50k

mt. disappointment topo thumbnail

without a doubt the hardest race i’ve ever done. i thought the tahoe rim trail 50k had been a killer, since it took me almost 10 hours to finish the 50k, but the mt. disappointment 50k had me struggling on the course for 11ish hours. the heat was ruthless, and the stretch of 7 miles […] Read more


off to mt. disappointment 50k

mt. disappointment topo thumbnail

off to mt. disappointment 50k! woohoo!!! and… perfect weather! this will be my 17th race (marathon and longer) and my 12th ultra. pretty cool. SORRY FOLKS, if i’m a living application of the law of unintended consequences… […] Read more


preparing for the tahoe rim trail 50m

again i made a list of articles to pack (see “an exercise on packing“). this list brings some peace of mind at the same time that it causes a certain deal of stress. i packed a big duffel, as i’m flying to st. louis 10 days before the race, to meet with my husband who’s […] Read more


bishop 50k: my 10th ultra!

running the bishop 50k felt like a celebration. only as i sat down to write this entry did i realize it was my 10th ultra! the day was experienced intensely. not enough pictures, songs, too slow, snapshot of my auditory experiences, snapshot of my brain. record the experiences as they unfold. size, power, colors, light, […] Read more


leona divide 50 miler

you can ask me where lake hughes is: i submerged both my feet in it on the morning of the 21st of april. SHIT! as i step out of greg‘s car (we’ve become race partners) and into the only puddle in the entire parking lot. no, make that the entire town! this is freaking lake […] Read more


btt info 2002-2006

this is what happens when you suffer from chronic insomnia: after sorting through books and packing donation boxes, you decide to wash your car, clean your bathroom, lift stains from the carpet, arrange the hangers in your closet so that they’re all equidistant, organize the refrigerator… and when you run out of physically stimulating things […] Read more


ultra-late, ultra-brief lake hodges write-up

never mind that i only had two hours of sleep. never mind that during those two hours my sleep was intermittent and my dreams bizarre and fragmented. never mind the cold at the start, or the ruthless heat that made the second half of the race so miserable. never mind the painful toenails. it was […] Read more