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ok. background information: this is an article about the city i live in. go ahead. read it.facts:my husband and i do not belong to this scene at all!we live within a couple of blocks of the most crowded (and noisy) bars.all our neighbors are extremely noisy drunks.so why is it MY problem that they’re drunks?(before […] Read more


it takes two assholes…

…to leave dog shit on the bikepath. nothing makes me angrier than seeing someone not clean up after their dog. actually… there is something: not seeing it, as that makes it more likely that i’ll step on the horribly stinky gross stuff. took me the whole day to clean up the mess from yesterday’s run. […] Read more


yourquestion.org (major rant warning!)

this is my question submitted to yourquestion.org: are american lives lost in the iraqi war more valuable than those of iraqi civilians?it just seems to me a certain four-letter name person thinks so. please check out iraqibodycount.org. no life is so insignificant as to be expendable […] Read more


4th of july run

ok… so this isn’t newport neach… nor the 4th of july. this is part of a huge parking structure for bicycles in amsterdam. as of summer 2005, when these pictures were taken, the population of the city proper was 742,951 and the population of the greater amsterdam area approximately 1.5 million. there are about 700,000 […] Read more