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a weekend of cracker jacks and gu


work (a snail’s pace) gave us tickets to last friday’s angels game. what an experience! when you grow up watching soccer, baseball seems like… well, literally, a whole different ball game. by the 3rd inning, however, i was comfortable enough with the rules not to mistakenly cheer for the rangers. since the game isn’t non-stop […] Read more


jimmy buffet meets fruit of the loom

pink underwear

part fundraiser, part celebration, part running event, last week’s city of hope “underwear affair” was quite the sideshow. a charity run to raise awareness of “cancers below the waist”, the race allowed for an interesting experience for runners and spectators alike. when else can people run the streets of la (closed to traffic!) wearing nothing […] Read more

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yes, i’m that slow…

slow as a snail

yesterday i dropped by my friend bill’s place to check out his studio. i’d seen him perform before, and i have some of his music on cd, but what a trip to watch him play as he showed me his latest creations. how incredibly refreshing to simply observe someone manifest their talent, the natural outcome […] Read more


pier to pier

huntington beach pier rubys

yesterday i ran from the newport pier to the huntington pier (pictured below). it was quite a foggy morning. i was experimenting with different electrolyte drinks, and was stationed at a sink refilling my bottle with water and cliff electrolyte powder when i took the pic to the right […] Read more


off to mt. disappointment 50k

mt. disappointment topo thumbnail

off to mt. disappointment 50k! woohoo!!! and… perfect weather! this will be my 17th race (marathon and longer) and my 12th ultra. pretty cool. SORRY FOLKS, if i’m a living application of the law of unintended consequences… […] Read more


back from the dead

after an almost two-month break due to a health issue that deviated my focus from blogging, i am back… not that nothing worth blogging happened in the interim; life goes on, right? at least if i run out of blogging material in the present, i can resort to a few interesting events from these past […] Read more


bishop 50k: my 10th ultra!

running the bishop 50k felt like a celebration. only as i sat down to write this entry did i realize it was my 10th ultra! the day was experienced intensely. not enough pictures, songs, too slow, snapshot of my auditory experiences, snapshot of my brain. record the experiences as they unfold. size, power, colors, light, […] Read more