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Welcome to fargasch.com

Fargasch is a Hungarian name that means “Gypsy”. Our family is notorious for having moved several times. From my father moving from Germany to Brazil, my family moving multiple times within the country, to them moving to the US and back to Brazil and to a couple of different states in Brazil and back to the US… I myself in 36 years of life have moved over 20 times. The longest I ever stayed in one house was 8 years, and the shortest was 1 day. (Actually, 1 night).

I can’t seem to find other “Fargasches”. All web references to the name seem to refer to either myself (Natalia), my two sisters (Gabriela and Mariana), and my cousin Ana. I also find websites on Hungarian Coat of Arms, but no reference to any other person. Fargasches of the world… wo sind sie?

I recently moved two blogs over to this site, so if you’ve been redirected from ‘Diagnosis Code 296.64’ or ‘Ultrachick’s Accounts of Madness’, this is their new home. I intend to continue to write about running, cross-training, living with Bipolar Disorder, and fitness topics.


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