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san francisco 1-day

San Francisco one day

what follows is an email i tried to send earlier this afternoon. i couldn’t get around gmail’s spam detector (mass ‘bcc’) so here it is, with pictures added. OK, some of you may know it, some may not (where HAVE you been?), but I will be in San Francisco this weekend for the famous PCTR […] Read more


jimmy buffet meets fruit of the loom

pink underwear

part fundraiser, part celebration, part running event, last week’s city of hope “underwear affair” was quite the sideshow. a charity run to raise awareness of “cancers below the waist”, the race allowed for an interesting experience for runners and spectators alike. when else can people run the streets of la (closed to traffic!) wearing nothing […] Read more

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an insomniac’s best deal

plush friends chatting

motorola razr v3: $120 calling plan with unlimited nights and weekends: $90 a friend you can call at midnight and talk for one hour: priceless […] Read more


the joy of having running partners

in 2003, the year i started running, i joined a track club and did all my saturday long runs with a nice group of people. that was great, but not enough to justify the $200 in yearly dues. i was getting none of the promised coaching at all (the coach always seemed too busy to […] Read more