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san francisco 1-day

San Francisco one day

what follows is an email i tried to send earlier this afternoon. i couldn’t get around gmail’s spam detector (mass ‘bcc’) so here it is, with pictures added. OK, some of you may know it, some may not (where HAVE you been?), but I will be in San Francisco this weekend for the famous PCTR […] Read more


post-dinner slump

groovy peace

if i were 30 years older, this would have been my senior high yearbook picture: from today’s vsl, “that 70’s web tool“ […] Read more


toenail necklace

(looks like i’m not the only one obsessed with toenails…) on january 12, 2006, i received the following emails from jan ryerse: from: Jan Ryerse Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 4:23 PM to: fargasch at g-mail, without the dash, dot com cc: ultra at listserv.dartmouth.edu subject: toenail – to be or not to be pull […] Read more


runner’s haiku

the toes are swollen.missed my scheduled run today.painful black toenails […] Read more



just want to get that picture off the top of the page…so, today marks a year since i took my car in for a recall. why do i remember that? because today also marks two years since i received the recall notice in the mail. that’s how bad a procrastinator i am.on a similar note: […] Read more


my husband playing with his camera…

[…] Read more

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runner’s voodoo

thanks to russ, aka runr53 i was able to ressuscitate my old ultimate direction! (see ‘am i the only one?’).materials:1 salty-sweaty runner1 hydration pack with stuck zipper due to salty sweat1 candle, red is best1 snake (optional)procedure:first dance around your hydration pack (optionally naked) while repeating unintelligible words for spur-of-the-moment-made-up voodoo song (whatever that sounds […] Read more