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bending sound

you know the feeling when you are listening to a killer song, and you’re totally immersed in it, eyes closed, head tilted back, and the sound touches your being in such a pleasurable way it almost hurts, and you soar to the heights of euphoria, and your body opens up in millions of different places, […] Read more


steve vai timeline

steve vai meet and greet pass

april 1995: i was introduced to steve vai‘s music when i first heard “blue powder” from the passion and warfare cd at a college bbq/party (back at my hometown of belo horizonte in mg, brazil). june 27, 2001: i went to my first steve vai concert (at “the grove of anaheim“, which was then called […] Read more


the riddle

riddle rope maze

at first it was curiosity: “what is this?“, as i watched a little red square piece of paper make its way to the carpet from steve vai‘s sound theories cd‘s liner notes. then surprise, as i read: “valid for one (1) admission for any one (1) meet & greet on the upcoming 2007 steve vai […] Read more

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alive in an ultra world

it was some time in 1994 when i first heard about steve vai. his name was used in the same sentence as “frank zappa“, followed by nouns like “virtuoso” and adjectives like “unconventional”. i just had to check him out. i bought “passion & warfare“, which was a good introduction to his music. (i would […] Read more


brain decay at the orange curtain 100k

i shoulda gotten some sleep… too late now. one mile into the race. it’s good to have this lady behind me, her headlamp is lighting my way. so jay said three underpasses… did he mention a tunnel? i can use these as markers… no, no music yet; it’s still dark. i need to focus. i […] Read more


modern technology…

while i wait for my replacement ipod… am sure glad i’ve kept all those cassettes! (and walkman)… […] Read more


roger waters at hollywood bowl review

powerful. stirring. with detailed staging designed by the same architect from pink floyd’s the wall tour, pyrotechnics, large-scale video projections, theatrical staging. a full moon (courtesy of mother nature) adds to the experience, while a 360° quadraphonic sound system delivers the power and density of waters’ music to a thirsty audience.the production consisted of two […] Read more