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yes, i’m that slow…

slow as a snail

yesterday i dropped by my friend bill’s place to check out his studio. i’d seen him perform before, and i have some of his music on cd, but what a trip to watch him play as he showed me his latest creations. how incredibly refreshing to simply observe someone manifest their talent, the natural outcome […] Read more


btt info 2002-2006

this is what happens when you suffer from chronic insomnia: after sorting through books and packing donation boxes, you decide to wash your car, clean your bathroom, lift stains from the carpet, arrange the hangers in your closet so that they’re all equidistant, organize the refrigerator… and when you run out of physically stimulating things […] Read more


show me the money

i have to think about this one myself… how much money (best estimate of average value) do you spend on running per year? races, traveling, equipment, supplements, apparel, gadgets, shoes, accessories, …how much $ do you spend on running / year?Select an option:less than $500$500-$999$1,000-$1,999$2,000-$2,999$3,000-$3,999$4,000-$4,999$5,000-$5,999$6,000-$6,999$7,000-$7,999$8,000 or moreprevious polls:what is your blister prevention method?what is your […] Read more

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saturday morning at modjeska peak

there were 7 of us, including bloggers jessica and jeff. after the logistics of dropping cars off at the finish point, driving to the start, and waiting for the other half of the group to show up, we were ready to go at around 7:15. it was a bit cold, but i was wearing coolmax […] Read more


stop and smell the flowers

life gets in the way. this was my run on thursday: a trip to the post office and back… i chose a different branch just for a change of pace. the one on balboa i go to too often. isn’t it nice to look at the map and see all this blue? so even though […] Read more


weekend runs

yesterday was 8.6 miles at el moro canyon with jessica. we met at 7:30 and started on time. another guy from the group (octrailrunners) also showed up. he’s new to the group and we were glad to have him there. i don’t know if we started too fast or what, or if i was just […] Read more


friday twice-a-day runs poll

here is one point of view on twice-a-day runs… http://www.pfitzinger.com/labreports/twoadays.shtmlsometimes i do doubles, usually with shorter distances, when i cannot wait for the next day to run again. you know, that feeling of “i gotta get out there and run!”…what is your opinion on twice-a-day runs?Select an option:they are great; i do them all the […] Read more