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my husband

bipolar strikes again

so back in april i was feeling really good (maybe a bit TOO good) and made these ambitious plans to participate in the nanny goat 24-hour race as a walker. then much like what happened for the 9 trails 35 mile in november 2007, the high desert 50k in december 2007 and the avalon 50 […] Read more


time’s a-tickin’

i only have a few days and i have to make the decision: what will my march race be??? back in december i had already signed up for high desert, avalon, twin peaks and orange curtain… the orange curtain 100k is on february 17th, and after that i have nothing else planned. so i’m on […] Read more


the oc register, april 4, 1998

my husband was cleaning his closet and found this paper. one of his many rituals is to go to the beach, everyday, to watch the sunset, while playing an instrument. he is a jack of all trades master of none when it comes to playing, but still, i enjoy hearing him play. he plays (if […] Read more


stop and smell the flowers

life gets in the way. this was my run on thursday: a trip to the post office and back… i chose a different branch just for a change of pace. the one on balboa i go to too often. isn’t it nice to look at the map and see all this blue? so even though […] Read more


my husband playing with his camera…

[…] Read more

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first run after 3 days

life got in the way this week. i did a short run on monday while still in long island, then came packing, traveling all day, unpacking, opening a full box of mail, making phone calls, catching up… where did all the time go? i haven’t gotten much sleep, either. to make things more fun i […] Read more


war zone…

apartment before hubby got back from his trip…apartment after hubby got back from his trip…ok, so some will say i’m not being fair to him, since these are not the same room. i got the part of the living room where he spends most of his time when he’s home, and the master bedroom, where […] Read more