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steve vai timeline

steve vai meet and greet pass

april 1995: i was introduced to steve vai‘s music when i first heard “blue powder” from the passion and warfare cd at a college bbq/party (back at my hometown of belo horizonte in mg, brazil). june 27, 2001: i went to my first steve vai concert (at “the grove of anaheim“, which was then called […] Read more


curtains drawn

the air smells bitter;the sounds coming through the window, distant.morning comes.dewey. gray. empty.the ceiling fan reminds me of the world outside.the light is outside.inside… hollow.~nattie~july 2006 […] Read more


borrowed words…

“i doubt sometimes whether a quiet and unagitated life would have suited me –- yet i sometimes long for it” (lord byron)when my thoughts are racing faster than my fingers can type and my mouth can speak, sure enough, i can always count on byron. more on him (and his daughter ada) sometime soon […] Read more


steel rapture

it’s a subliminal state…the bitterness of my tearsand the sweetness of the guitar chordsinvoke pungent memories.memories of long awaited momentsi have never experienced,but that are yet to come.each note in its unique beauty and simplicitytouches me deeply,making me so clearly awareof these feelings.it’s piercing.HE tortures me with each stroke of HIS hands…hands carefully crafted by […] Read more