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the stuff dreams are made of

purple dream

so last weekend i took part in the san francisco 1-day, another spectacular event put on by the pctr (pacific coast trail runs). they put on some thirty races every year, covering much of the northern, central and southern california coast. i’ve done some of their events, most recently the sycamore canyon 30k (last may). […] Read more


~march 2nd, harding truck trail~ a day of extremes: up harding’s unrelenting 9.3-mile climb i am enjoying the spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains, soaking in the faint warmth of the morning sun, and just plain appreciating life. 7 miles up the trail i begin to feel cold… really cold. a few steps ahead and […] Read more


saturday morning at red rock canyon

[…] Read more


4th of july run

ok… so this isn’t newport neach… nor the 4th of july. this is part of a huge parking structure for bicycles in amsterdam. as of summer 2005, when these pictures were taken, the population of the city proper was 742,951 and the population of the greater amsterdam area approximately 1.5 million. there are about 700,000 […] Read more