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pre-race jitters

i guess it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done this (i’m not a seasoned ultra runner anyway); if you’ve just finished reading a book titled the complete neurotic: the anxious person’s guide to life, it is somewhat likely you’ll experience the jitters before a race. well, at least i do… (the book is a […] Read more


toenail technician

today i seriously considered having all my toenails surgically removed. instead, i ordered a copy of john vonhof’s “fixing your feet“. i wake up and notice that my left big toe is inflamed. (and painful). after studying it for a few minutes i realize that the lower right corner of the nail is loose, but […] Read more

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ultras: more bang for your buck

here are the races on my near future schedule, their distance, and the entry fee:high desert 50k, dec. 350k – $50.00 –> registered!avalon benefit 50, jan. 1350m – $80.00 –> registered!twin peaks ultra 50/50, feb. 450m – $55.00 –> registered!long beach marathon, oct. 1526.2m – $95.00 –> i don’t think so…i removed the long beach […] Read more


an exercise in mindfullness…

i ran exactly the amount my body told me to this weekend: zero. with the extra time on my hands i went to barnes & noble and found a neat book, which i bought: the wellness book. i love both the content and the format. it teaches you the concept of behavioral medicine, or mind/body […] Read more


on books and reading: i’ve been tagged

alice in wonderbread tagged me; here are my short and lazy (for more information on the books and authors click on the names…) answers to this meme, along with the next “victim”… (see #10). ONE BOOK THAT CHANGED MY LIFE: touched with fire: manic-depressive illness and the artistic temperament by kay redfield jamison ONE BOOK THAT […] Read more