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kn cool socks

dangling toenail

let me guess… runners across the country are currently training for marathons such as chicago, nike women’s, new york… and hundreds others. it may also be that these runners have already selected their race-day gear (shoes, shorts, tops, watches, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) but i’m willing to bet my vip hell entry-pass (hand basket not […] Read more


san francisco 1-day

San Francisco one day

what follows is an email i tried to send earlier this afternoon. i couldn’t get around gmail’s spam detector (mass ‘bcc’) so here it is, with pictures added. OK, some of you may know it, some may not (where HAVE you been?), but I will be in San Francisco this weekend for the famous PCTR […] Read more


post-race reflections

participating in the orange curtain 100k was a unique experience. from the race website: “the orange curtain 100 km race has been created for the purpose of preparing and qualifying southern california athletes for international competition…” (obviously not the reason i decided to run this race). the course couldn’t be a better fit for that […] Read more


toenail necklace

(looks like i’m not the only one obsessed with toenails…) on january 12, 2006, i received the following emails from jan ryerse: from: Jan Ryerse Thu, Jan 12, 2006 at 4:23 PM to: fargasch at g-mail, without the dash, dot com cc: ultra at listserv.dartmouth.edu subject: toenail – to be or not to be pull […] Read more


toenail technician

today i seriously considered having all my toenails surgically removed. instead, i ordered a copy of john vonhof’s “fixing your feet“. i wake up and notice that my left big toe is inflamed. (and painful). after studying it for a few minutes i realize that the lower right corner of the nail is loose, but […] Read more

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saturday morning at modjeska peak

there were 7 of us, including bloggers jessica and jeff. after the logistics of dropping cars off at the finish point, driving to the start, and waiting for the other half of the group to show up, we were ready to go at around 7:15. it was a bit cold, but i was wearing coolmax […] Read more


family jewels

jess posted about her discovery of “the rock”. i liked her idea and decided to publish my favorite “jewels”:miracle of aloe’s miracle foot repair – this is the most precious product and comes first on my list. from walking barefoot to running barefoot, walking on the beach, concrete, asphalt. changes in temperature. cracked heels. dry […] Read more