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Back Again and Tales of (Not) Running

After reading THIS sentence somewhere on the interwebs, I decided it was time for me to grow out of the rebellious uppercase avoidance phase (see all blog entries prior to this one). This was the pearl: “please help your uncle jack off the horse!” And that is some sort of ambiguity that I wish to […] Read more


san francisco 1-day

San Francisco one day

what follows is an email i tried to send earlier this afternoon. i couldn’t get around gmail’s spam detector (mass ‘bcc’) so here it is, with pictures added. OK, some of you may know it, some may not (where HAVE you been?), but I will be in San Francisco this weekend for the famous PCTR […] Read more


post-dinner slump

groovy peace

if i were 30 years older, this would have been my senior high yearbook picture: from today’s vsl, “that 70’s web tool“ […] Read more


a weekend of cracker jacks and gu


work (a snail’s pace) gave us tickets to last friday’s angels game. what an experience! when you grow up watching soccer, baseball seems like… well, literally, a whole different ball game. by the 3rd inning, however, i was comfortable enough with the rules not to mistakenly cheer for the rangers. since the game isn’t non-stop […] Read more


mustard, anyone?

she's my sister

i am the middle sister. when i turned four i was beginning to develop a personality of my own. just as i found out i was ok the way i was and didn’t have to imitate my older sister, i lost the spotlight to my younger sister. growing up, i was never told to clean […] Read more


mustard happens…

spilled coffee

can you tell it’s monday… […] Read more


pier to pier

huntington beach pier rubys

yesterday i ran from the newport pier to the huntington pier (pictured below). it was quite a foggy morning. i was experimenting with different electrolyte drinks, and was stationed at a sink refilling my bottle with water and cliff electrolyte powder when i took the pic to the right […] Read more