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i’m still around…

hard to believe that moi, once running coach and ultrarunner extraordinaire, would be doing cartwheels at the thought of hitting 400 miles for the YEAR. the typical excuse, “life got in the way”, but the truth is: running has not been a priority for the past year and a half. and that is so because […] Read more

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the balboa fun zone

it will no longer be my nephew’s favorite place on the peninsula. it was bought in december 2005 for $14 million, by the newport harbor nautical museum. kids’ favorites are the caroussel, which will be removed and relocated, and the ferris wheel, the only ride that will remain in the fun zone. but my nephew’s […] Read more

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a rainy afternoon of non-running fun

i’m having a blast in new york even though the running has been minimal. i’ll ramp back up when i am back in california. right now i’m focusing on having a good time with my family […] Read more


like aunt like nephew

we spent part of the afternoon at eisenhower park, and i (of course) used the opportunity to go running. it was a short run, but the park was very pleasant. on my last lap ryan followed me on his bicycle, as we were on a quest for (yet another) ice cream truck. when i was […] Read more


corporate kindergarten

my nephew looks really important watching “the emperor’s new groove” on his laptop. i gave him my headphones and he was in awe of the fact no one could hear the movie but him. he also found it weird that he suddenly could not hear us anymore, and kept removing the right ear piece and […] Read more


barefoot race for the ice cream truck

second day in long island. never a dull moment…ice cream truck drives by my sister’s house.excited nephew ryan runs outside at full blast!disappointed nephew ryan stares as the truck drives away…auntie nattie to the rescue!i take off — barefoot, prescription glasses, cotton shorts and t-shirt — on a quest to bring back the truck. ‘follow […] Read more