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Back Again and Tales of (Not) Running

After reading THIS sentence somewhere on the interwebs, I decided it was time for me to grow out of the rebellious uppercase avoidance phase (see all blog entries prior to this one). This was the pearl: “please help your uncle jack off the horse!” And that is some sort of ambiguity that I wish to […] Read more


alien on a mission

from an old journal — i have no idea what was going on that day… i’m a human experiment. i want to see the purple winged elephants fly and dance because i am one of them. people think that i am a person, but i am an alien on a research mission on this pathetic […] Read more


reflections on womanhood

as a child i used to envision myself as a full-bosomed, self-confident adult woman wearing fashionable make-up and a flawless hairdo. today i barely fill an A cup, my best comb has “american airlines” written on it, and my only make-up article is a cover stick (to hide the effects of chronic insomnia) […] Read more


i’m still around…

hard to believe that moi, once running coach and ultrarunner extraordinaire, would be doing cartwheels at the thought of hitting 400 miles for the YEAR. the typical excuse, “life got in the way”, but the truth is: running has not been a priority for the past year and a half. and that is so because […] Read more

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makes sense…

usatoday.com news – top stories – man testifies he killed kansas abortion doctor how pro life… […] Read more


reactions to some of today’s headlines

headline: “public option may be dropped from final health care bill” i say: — “health insurance companies rejoice: more people allowed to buy into a severely broken system” headline: “china ignores appeals, executes briton” i say: — “stop doing business with china already” headline: “rep. mark kirk’s sexual orientation questioned in gop opponent’s ad” i […] Read more


prowash activewear detergent

procrastination fridge sign

a few years ago i was in group therapy and on one session we were asked to create a motivational card for ourselves. i created a card that said “i will beat procrastination” and pasted it on my fridge. (my husband’s wise friend greg, knowing me, took a pen and wrote “tomorrow” to complete my […] Read more