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santa monica mountains 30k

greg and jessica met me in irvine at 5:20. we were supposed to meet jon, michael, and pete at the snail’s pace in fountain valley at 5:45, and kim at the start, but first we needed to get fuel. coffee and muffins, that is. there is a very strategically located starbucks just a couple of […] Read more


saturday morning at modjeska peak

there were 7 of us, including bloggers jessica and jeff. after the logistics of dropping cars off at the finish point, driving to the start, and waiting for the other half of the group to show up, we were ready to go at around 7:15. it was a bit cold, but i was wearing coolmax […] Read more


weekend runs

yesterday was 8.6 miles at el moro canyon with jessica. we met at 7:30 and started on time. another guy from the group (octrailrunners) also showed up. he’s new to the group and we were glad to have him there. i don’t know if we started too fast or what, or if i was just […] Read more


saturday morning at aliso/wood canyon

i finally got to meet jessica! we had been emailing back and forth talking about running together and we finally did so yesterday. she wrote a report on our 11.5’ish run, which you can read here. (do i need to say i’m too lazy to write my own?)i definitely need to do a greater percentage […] Read more


what’s new

just wanted to highlight a few latest events and blog updates:i met two bloggers last weekend, on a wonderful backbay run with the california cruisers: jeff, ‘the amazing hip’, and darrell, who’s on a quest for a marathon in each us state (with greater pursuits in the future, i’m sure). the california cruisers are an […] Read more


am i the only one…

i would think not. jeff mentioned the other day he’s a leaky runner. i don’t leak. i flood. i, too, can wring my socks. yes, i rotate my shoes. i drip. i carry a washcloth with me every time i run.i call myself ‘ultrachick’, but am very proud of the fact i don’t behave like […] Read more