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on ultras and tonsillectomies

i’m still in the process of trying to thank all who offered their encouraging words, positive vibes and pep talks before, during, and after the san francisco 1 day. the outpour of emails, “real-time” messages submitted via the form on the race website, voice messages, text messages, all the hugs and high-fives… it all meant […] Read more


the price of a good night’s sleep

Sleepless counting sheep

i’ve got it all figured out now. according to this month’s issue of health magazine and their cereal box psychology, i need a few essential items to turn my bedroom into a more “soothing” place and promote restful sleep: 1. a pair of natural-fiber pajamas (and i eat my fiber?): light pima cotton cami and […] Read more


namiwalks 2007

“the most shocking thing about mental illness is how much it is misunderstood”.it’s that time of the year… this upcoming october 6th, nami (national alliance on mental illness), is putting on their namiwalks event again. on this day, thousands of concerned citizens in more than 60 communities across the nation will walk together to raise […] Read more


back from the dead

after an almost two-month break due to a health issue that deviated my focus from blogging, i am back… not that nothing worth blogging happened in the interim; life goes on, right? at least if i run out of blogging material in the present, i can resort to a few interesting events from these past […] Read more


[…] Read more


first run after 3 days

life got in the way this week. i did a short run on monday while still in long island, then came packing, traveling all day, unpacking, opening a full box of mail, making phone calls, catching up… where did all the time go? i haven’t gotten much sleep, either. to make things more fun i […] Read more


body math

angie found this website and i found it pretty cool. here are my results:Your Data:Measure:USAge:30 yearsGender:FemaleHeight:5′ 3″Weight:115 poundsPregnant:NoBreast feeding:NoActivity level:(hours/day)8 hours – Sleep12 hours – Very Light / Sedentary2 hours – Light1 hours – Moderate1 hours – HeavyBody fat:Current 23 percentGoal 19 percentCalorie distribution:Fat 30 percentProtein 10 percentCarbohydrate 60 percentWeight goal:Maintain weightElbow breadth:Less than 2 […] Read more