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bending sound

you know the feeling when you are listening to a killer song, and you’re totally immersed in it, eyes closed, head tilted back, and the sound touches your being in such a pleasurable way it almost hurts, and you soar to the heights of euphoria, and your body opens up in millions of different places, […] Read more


off to mt. disappointment 50k

mt. disappointment topo thumbnail

off to mt. disappointment 50k! woohoo!!! and… perfect weather! this will be my 17th race (marathon and longer) and my 12th ultra. pretty cool. SORRY FOLKS, if i’m a living application of the law of unintended consequences… […] Read more


weekend runs

yesterday was 8.6 miles at el moro canyon with jessica. we met at 7:30 and started on time. another guy from the group (octrailrunners) also showed up. he’s new to the group and we were glad to have him there. i don’t know if we started too fast or what, or if i was just […] Read more


sport beans

i tried them on my run this afternoon. i had one packet of lemon-lime flavor at around mile 7 of the 14.2-mile run. i was surprised! they taste really good, much better than any of my favorite gels. ok, so they’re not as easy to eat as gels are, but the taste made them worth […] Read more