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leona divide 50 miler

you can ask me where lake hughes is: i submerged both my feet in it on the morning of the 21st of april. SHIT! as i step out of greg‘s car (we’ve become race partners) and into the only puddle in the entire parking lot. no, make that the entire town! this is freaking lake […] Read more


pre-race jitters

i guess it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve done this (i’m not a seasoned ultra runner anyway); if you’ve just finished reading a book titled the complete neurotic: the anxious person’s guide to life, it is somewhat likely you’ll experience the jitters before a race. well, at least i do… (the book is a […] Read more


~march 2nd, harding truck trail~ a day of extremes: up harding’s unrelenting 9.3-mile climb i am enjoying the spectacular views of the snow-capped mountains, soaking in the faint warmth of the morning sun, and just plain appreciating life. 7 miles up the trail i begin to feel cold… really cold. a few steps ahead and […] Read more


ultra quotes

being an extreme sport, ultra-running lends itself to all sorts of creative, funny, and painfully true quotes. “you’re almost there!”, “looking good!”, “it’s all downhill from here!”, “aid station is just around the bend!”, are some common ones, but there are also jewels such as “it never always gets worse”, and “the race continued as […] Read more


santa monica mountains 30k

greg and jessica met me in irvine at 5:20. we were supposed to meet jon, michael, and pete at the snail’s pace in fountain valley at 5:45, and kim at the start, but first we needed to get fuel. coffee and muffins, that is. there is a very strategically located starbucks just a couple of […] Read more


show me the money

i have to think about this one myself… how much money (best estimate of average value) do you spend on running per year? races, traveling, equipment, supplements, apparel, gadgets, shoes, accessories, …how much $ do you spend on running / year?Select an option:less than $500$500-$999$1,000-$1,999$2,000-$2,999$3,000-$3,999$4,000-$4,999$5,000-$5,999$6,000-$6,999$7,000-$7,999$8,000 or moreprevious polls:what is your blister prevention method?what is your […] Read more

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saturday morning at modjeska peak

there were 7 of us, including bloggers jessica and jeff. after the logistics of dropping cars off at the finish point, driving to the start, and waiting for the other half of the group to show up, we were ready to go at around 7:15. it was a bit cold, but i was wearing coolmax […] Read more