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Back Again and Tales of (Not) Running

After reading THIS sentence somewhere on the interwebs, I decided it was time for me to grow out of the rebellious uppercase avoidance phase (see all blog entries prior to this one). This was the pearl:

“please help your uncle jack off the horse!”

And that is some sort of ambiguity that I wish to avoid.

It’s been a long while since I last wrote anything here. I have, at one point, actually thought of abandoning this blog altogether.

Sparse running notwithstanding, I feel I can still use this space. And I figure the “madness” in my blog title can refer both to the madness of running long distance and the madness of bipolar disorder, so we’re all good. The latter always seems to persist, anyway.

I hate having bipolar, it's awesome t_shirtI have 5 marathons and 1 ultra to report on (and 1 marathon no-show). I will write about these hopefully in the near future. (Of course, if you know me, you also know that the phrase “near future” can pretty much mean anything to me).

I recently got THIS shirt, which causes all sorts of reactions when I wear it. I put it here because I think each entry should have a picture. And I have no running pictures to post. (Other than the marathon photos that I’m saving for future entries).

Picture has been cropped because the family member by my side may prefer not to be associated with me. And because she has creepy Joker make-up on and may not want to reveal her identity. And because I did not ask for permission. Or whatever. I won’t chance it.

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