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show me the money

i have to think about this one myself… how much money (best estimate of average value) do you spend on running per year? races, traveling, equipment, supplements, apparel, gadgets, shoes, accessories, …how much $ do you spend on running / year?Select an option:less than $500$500-$999$1,000-$1,999$2,000-$2,999$3,000-$3,999$4,000-$4,999$5,000-$5,999$6,000-$6,999$7,000-$7,999$8,000 or moreprevious polls:what is your blister prevention method?what is your […] Read more

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like aunt like nephew

we spent part of the afternoon at eisenhower park, and i (of course) used the opportunity to go running. it was a short run, but the park was very pleasant. on my last lap ryan followed me on his bicycle, as we were on a quest for (yet another) ice cream truck. when i was […] Read more


bear necessities, part two

mobile blogging from yosemite national park. more camping. more running. river rafting. gorgeous weather. life is still good […] Read more


bear necessities

mobile blogging from sequoia national park. camping. running. gorgeous weather. life is good […] Read more