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the oc register, april 4, 1998

my husband was cleaning his closet and found this paper. one of his many rituals is to go to the beach, everyday, to watch the sunset, while playing an instrument. he is a jack of all trades master of none when it comes to playing, but still, i enjoy hearing him play. he plays (if i don’t forget anything): acoustic guitar (6- and 12-string, electric guitar (at home, when there’s no sunset), bass, harmonica, ukalele, banjo, ukalin, auto harp, recorder, mandolin, keyboard (at home, when there’s no sunset), violin, and trumpet. sometimes people find it interesting and want to take pictures, sometimes they stop to listen, and the funniest: once a guy gave him a dollar! ha! he must have thought he was out there playing for tips, a common practice at the pier and wharf.

“SUNSET SERENADE: Glenn Norman of Newport Beach gives a violin concert during a recent sunset at the Newport Pier.”

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  • Jessica Deline November 9, 2006, 5:07 pm

    That is so cool! Both that he was in the paper and that he is so musical : Hope you can join us Saturday morning for a great run!

  • Anonymous August 15, 2008, 3:04 am

    i work for the marion county historical society in west virginia we have this instrument but it seems no one knows how to play it my e-mail is kristyboone80@yahoo.com if u can help thanks

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