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orange curtain…

i did it. i submitted my entry for the orange curtain 100k. after much debate i finally decided, what the heck. so it’s a road race. so it’s a 10k out and back repeated 10 times. so there will be bicyclists on the path and it’ll be just like a training run. so… yeah, all of the above. but i want to go the distance. there aren’t that many 100k’s around where i live, and this one is at a perfect location. it also seems to be the easiest way to try the distance, being on roads and all (but 90% of the course has a dirt path by it). so my “dream” 100k is the hellgate, but being in virginia for that takes a lot more planning than driving to cerritos… now all i have to do is get out and train!

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  • ali October 12, 2006, 11:25 pm

    Wow! I love that you make it sound … oh … just 10k 10 times.

    Looking forward to hearing about your training

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