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another sleepless night

Sleepless counting sheep

my body is so tired it feels like it doesn’t exist anymore. when i lie down it doesn’t matter what position i settle myself in. i feel like i am floating about my bedroom, i’m just thought. the thoughts don’t stop, but the body is calm. i cannot feel any of it nor can i […] Read more


i’ve joined the ranks…

no denied

… of other millions of americans. i am now uninsured and ordering my meds from canada for less than one third the us price. and that’s including international shipping. also, my husband called about half a dozen insurance companies, but between his prior valve replacement surgery and my bipolar disorder we are considered “uninsurable”. ‘thank […] Read more


moving comfort – alexis printed bra

alien with no nipples

i never paid much attention to what kind of bra i would buy for running. i’d pretty much just go to target and grab whatever “generic”, cheap, “sports bras” they had in size small and not give it much thought. my main peeve about these bras, though, is how the shirt (even the coolmax ones) […] Read more


kn cool socks

dangling toenail

let me guess… runners across the country are currently training for marathons such as chicago, nike women’s, new york… and hundreds others. it may also be that these runners have already selected their race-day gear (shoes, shorts, tops, watches, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc.) but i’m willing to bet my vip hell entry-pass (hand basket not […] Read more


prowash activewear detergent

procrastination fridge sign

a few years ago i was in group therapy and on one session we were asked to create a motivational card for ourselves. i created a card that said “i will beat procrastination” and pasted it on my fridge. (my husband’s wise friend greg, knowing me, took a pen and wrote “tomorrow” to complete my […] Read more


bending sound

you know the feeling when you are listening to a killer song, and you’re totally immersed in it, eyes closed, head tilted back, and the sound touches your being in such a pleasurable way it almost hurts, and you soar to the heights of euphoria, and your body opens up in millions of different places, […] Read more


on ultras and tonsillectomies

i’m still in the process of trying to thank all who offered their encouraging words, positive vibes and pep talks before, during, and after the san francisco 1 day. the outpour of emails, “real-time” messages submitted via the form on the race website, voice messages, text messages, all the hugs and high-fives… it all meant […] Read more